Ski slope snow accumulation information


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VenueSnow accumulation(cm)SkiabilitySnow qualityNearest stationmapInformation updated on
Hanamaki Namari Spa&Ski ResortNew window-Closed-(JR)HANAMAKINew windowMAPNew windowMar 11 2019
IwateKogen SnowparkNew window-Closed-(JR)SHIZUKUISHINew windowMAPNew windowApr 08 2019
Amiharionsen Ski ResortNew window-Closed-(JR)MORIOKANew windowMAPNew windowApr 02 2019
Shizukuishi Ski ResortNew window-Closed-(JR)SHIZUKUISHINew windowMAPNew windowMar 31 2019
Hachimantai Resort Panorama Area & Shimokura AreaNew window-Closed-(JR)MORIOKANew windowMAPNew windowApr 01 2019
Appi Snow ResortNew window140All availableWet snow(JR)APPI-KOGENNew windowMAPNew windowApr 26 2019
Okunakayama KogenNew window-Closed-OKU-NAKAYAMA KOGENMAPNew windowApr 01 2019
Village-run KunoheNew window-Closed-(JR)NINOHENew windowMAPNew windowMar 03 2019
Geto Kogen ResortNew window290All availableCrusted snow(JR)KITAKAMINew windowMAPNew windowApr 26 2019
Oshu City KoejiNew window-Closed-(JR)MIZUSAWAESASHINew windowMAPNew windowMar 04 2019

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